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Friday Finds ☆ Hearsch Bakery & Puff Pastry in Mumbai

October 23, 2014

Hearsch Bakery 1

Puff pastry dough is useful, isn’t it? Everyone needs it once in a while for baking! Puff pastries can be used to make pigs in blankets. They are an easy snack and especially great for kids parties. I’ve been looking for non-spicy sausages in Mumbai and tried a bunch of different kinds. I thought that this one in the photo above looked promising, but as soon as I took a bite I knew it wasn’t the right kind for my kids. They were “picy!” as my son said.

Puff Pastry 1

Puff Pastry 2

Hearsch Bakery Puff Pastry Pig in a blanket

I have been hearing about this “puff pastry shop” on Hill Road from different expats. No expats really knew the name and how to explain where it was located. Then one of my friend’s gave me more detailed directions recently. Even though I did not take notes, it sounded like an easy way to find, so I gave myself a try. I love discovering a new place recommended by my friends!

I stopped my car after I passed Holy Family Hospital sign on Hill Road which looked like this in the photo below.

Hearsch Bakery9

Only things I remembered were these.

1. There is no sign for the pastry shop that you can see from Hill Road. (Great. I have to smell it out.)

2. You have to go into a gate to go to a pastry shop. (A gate? Sounds intimidating…)

3. The gate is on the Hill Road next to the Holy Family Hospital gate.

4. Once you go inside the gate, you’ll have to walk towards the back and the shop looks like a house.

I got off the car and there I stood with the view like in the photo below for 15 seconds. Suddenly I spotted a few people with white plastic bags coming out of the black gate with “no parking” sign. I thought “Bingo!” That might be it!

Hearsch Bakery1

I crossed the street and walked into the gate that looked like below.

Hearsch Bakery8

I passed the building and came to the open space where I saw a house looking building that kind of looked like a store.

Hearsch Bakery2

I found it!

Hearsch Bakery3

It was packed full of customers. There were probably 20 people squeezed in this tiny space and people kept streaming in.

Hearsch Bakery4

Hearsch Bakery5

Hearsch Bakery6

Hearsch Bakery7

J Hearsch Bakery Puff Pastry c

I purchased 1/2 kg (500 g) of puff pastry dough. The dough costs 140 Rupees (US$2.5) per kg, so I only paid 70 Rupees (US$1.20) at Hearsch Bakery for the puff pastry dough! Score!

I should make an apple pie next time I get the puff pastry.

What would you make with puff pastry?

Hearsch Bakery / J. Hearsch & Co.

Door No. 90/ A
Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050
*Near Holy Family Hospital
PHONE:022 2643 5361

Hearsch Bakery Map

Monday Mode ☆ Le Petit Society Tribal Dresses

October 19, 2014

Le Petit Society Tribal Dress-6

This Le Petit Society tribal dress is my very first matching dress with my kids. It was fun to wear something that matched with my girls. My husband would not wear anything to match with me, not even something that suggest the smallest resemblance, so the only way for me to wear a matching outfit in my family is doing so with my kids.

This Le Petit Society tribal dress was perfect for our summer vacation not only because it’s fun and pretty, but also it is really light. Since it folds well and small, it is easy to pack, which is very important for me when I pack for 4 of us: myself and 3 kids. My daughters love the dress shirts so much that they have been wearing it quite often. They air dry very fast, too, which is really nice for a trip especially in Japan as my family hang clothes to dry more often than using a dryer.

Le Petit Society Tribal Dress-4

Le Petit Society Tribal Dress

These photos remind me of our fun summer holiday memories. I went to Kamakura for 3 days with my two sisters and a nephew. We took our kids to the Enoshima Aquarium in Kamakura. It was a hot summer day. The walk was not easy, but once we got to the aquarium, it was worth it. My kids loved seeing everything especially my son who was excited to see everything “sakana (fish in Japanese)” and it was cute to see him exclaim “sakana!” even during the dolphin show (ironically).

Le Petit Society Tribal Dress-8

In a cooler weather or in Mumbai, I like to add a denim jacket as an accessory. It covers a little more skin to be respectful for the local culture. It’s hot outside in Mumbai, but inside many buildings, it can be cold, so having a jacket is very handy.

Le Petit Society Tribal Dress

Le Petit Society Tribal Dress1

Le Petit Society Tribal Dress-10

Le Petit Society Tribal Dress2

Thank you, Le Petit Society, for the pretty dresses!

If you would like to see my other photos of Le Petit Society, please click the links below.

Le Petit Society Posts
Le Petit Society Safari Boy Shirt & Tribal Girl Shirts
Le Petit Society Lady’s Gray Safari Shirt + Mia Tui Purse
Le Petit Society Boy Outfits ☆ My First Le Petit Society Post!

The dresses were provided by Le Petit Society. Thank you! All words in the post are mine.

Friday Finds ☆ Zanaaya Couture

October 16, 2014

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-8

Zanaaya Couture is one of those places that I, as an expat, would have not been able to find unless my friend, Camille, had taken me. Zanaaya Couture boutique is in the area called Kemp’s Corner. Kemp’s Corner is known for an upmarket neighborhood in South Mumbai and there are beautiful boutiques where many expats like going shopping and it hosts some beautiful boutiques. I love South Mumbai for its beauty with old colonial buildings and the energy and excitement of the mega city of Mumbai.

Normally I’m not a boutique shopper because I know that I cannot afford it. I have three kids and I don’t have an income of my own to justify extra spending for myself, plus I don’t have many occasions to wear fancy outfits. Therefore, the budget I have does not allow me to shop at any boutiques and boutiques in Mumbai are not exceptions. However, when I got an invitation to accompany my friend to visit Zanaaya Couture, I took it. I thought visiting Zanaaya Couture would be a cultural visit. Plus, I have always admired what Camille has worn. She’s always very stylish and well put together when I see her.

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-6

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-9

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-7

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-2

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi7

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-4

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-11

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-12

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-21

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi4

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi8

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi2

These photos below are of my friend, Camille, wearing a beautiful ear jewelry piece that is sold at Zanaaya Couture. Isn’t this gorgeous? I love her necklace and the back piece (her own) as well.

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi6

This is me wearing my favorite dress at Zanaaya Couture. I love white, so I was drawn to that. I realize that I need to start wearing more colors because I live in a country with rich colors. I think this dress was the only white dress at Zanaaya Couture. I also love the design of this dress which I find very contemporary and stylish. It’s a type of dress that I can totally see myself wearing at dinner functions and parties back in the U.S. or Japan. You might not be able to see well in those photos, but the bottom of the dress has sparkles. It’s so darling!! However, the price was much more than I normally pay for my own dress that I may be able to wear a few times a year at most. I could not stop thinking about it after I went home, though. What would you do?

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi3

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-3

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-26

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi5

I fell in love with this bracelet, but I normally don’t wear gold. I wear white and I love it and I thought since it’s a white bracelet with just a sliver of gold, so I could wear it. For some reason, I decided to not buy it even though I could totally afford it. I don’t know why?!?! (Sometimes when you have a mental block that you can’t afford something, you may not think straight to make a proper judgement? I felt like that is what happened to me.) Then the price went up after a couple of weeks later. I really regret that I did not pick it up back when I was there.

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-29

This is the talented designer of Zanaaya Couture, Shouger Merchant Doshi.

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-16

You can read about Shouger, the founder of Zanaaya Couture, here. She’s a lawyer by trade, but with her passion for design and fashion and with her talent, she achieved to become a designer of her own brand, Zanaaya Couture. Zanaaya means beauty in several cultures according to the Zanaaya Couture website. Shouger produces beautiful dresses for women to help them find their inner beauty “zanaaya” and curates the accessories that is sold at the store as well.

Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-33

Zanaaya Couture

Zanaaya Couture can be visited by appointment only.

PHONE: +91 9833 537 306


Zanaaya Couture Shouger Merchant Doshi-34

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of Zanaaya Couture. Since I still think about this white dress and the bracelet, I might have to go back to Zanaaya Couture in the near future.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ My Work Space & WeWork

October 15, 2014


I’m a wife. I’m a mom. I’m an expat living in Mumbai. I’m a blogger.

When it comes to work space, I’m a domestic nomad.

What I mean by “domestic nomad” is that I work at home and I have many spots I use at home as my work space. I might not have a job that pays me, but I proudly say that I work. Along with taking care of my children, managing home, and networking/socializing with friends, corresponding by email, editing photos, blogging, and managing social media accounts for my blog have been part of my daily work. One of the best things about having work you can do at home and having a laptop computer is that you can pick your work space depending on your mood. Therefore, I have several places in my home where I can call my work space and I move around with my dearest laptop from a spot to spot.

Here are the 4 spaces I use for work as a domestic nomad in my home.



We have a study in our home in Mumbai. I often sit there and work. I share this space with my children. My children use this desk to study, use a computer or do crafts. This is also a desk where my oldest daughter works on her homework.

I painted the wall with the black chalkboard paint a long time ago. Since I painted after I had already posted my post on the study, I was not motivated to take photos to create a post just to show the after look. Until now. The reason for painting the small strip of wall to a black chalkboard wall is that my kids can play and draw on the bottom half. I have this chalkboard which I don’t want my kids to draw on as it is more of a decorative wall in our foyer. It works because my kids know that they are not supposed to touch that wall and they do use this wall in the study to draw. The top part is for me to write notes, reminders or quotes.

I recently did a small DIY on the back cover of the study desk which I have been wanting to do for month (actually it’s been over a year). It was done thanks to a new campaign by WeWork called “Show Your Work Space”. I’ll tell you more about WeWork in a bit. This desk belongs to the landlord, and when we first moved in, this ugly brownish fabric covered board was standing on the desk to cover its back wall. You can see it in the photos below. Finally and finally! I recovered the board to give a fresher look. Please scroll down for “before & after” shots.

I also tidied up the desk and shelves. I could not stand having clutter on the desk, but I have procrastinated cleaning for many months. I didn’t find the look of the shelves inspiring, either, so I got rid of some stuff, organized, hid some books in other places and I feel much better! Without Sarah of WeWork contacting me for recruiting me to join their new campaign (written below), my office would have looked as ugly as before still now! Thank you, WeWork!

Work Space1

Work Space2

Work Space3


I was approached by WeWork to participate in their new campaign called “Show Us Your Work Space”. So, the first question I had was who is WeWork? It is a co-working company that builds communities to empower people to do what they love. It is probably easier to go to this page on the Wework website and look at their stunning banner photos to instantly understand what WeWork is about.

When I was back home in Tokyo, Japan this past summer, I saw my uncle, aunt and cousin. My aunt told me that she left her previous job and started working with her colleagues from the previous company who started up a new business. They rent a space, more like a cubical, in an office building which is leased by the city government for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. I thought that the concept was really cool. For start-up businesses to rent an office space albeit small, with internet services, shared equipments, conference rooms, and places to get coffee and snack is probably much more economical and easier than leasing a room, buying all the furniture and gears that are required to run a business.

I think WeWork is just like that, but it’s geared toward those entrepreneurs who do creative work. Not only does WeWork provide office space and other amenities, but it also offers networking community for the creators, which, as we all know, is very important in any business. When you work for yourself, I imagine that it can get a bit lonely, too. It would be nice to have a place where you can socialize. If you want to meet others in the same industry or even in different industries with whom you would not have opportunities to meet otherwise, there you have it within your community at WeWork.


I wrote an inspiring quote (photo below) which you can see the original here. It is pinned on my Pinterest Graphic & Typography board. The original design came from the the fresh exchange blog.




Living room is probably my favorite place to work. I love it because it is open and bright with lots of natural light. I usually sit on the yellow couch, with my chai or water on the side and work. My husband likes to spend time in the living room at night usually watching a British football game (by the way, he’s American) or a movie while working on a computer, so I bring my laptop and that way I can spend time with him while I work on my computer. And I IM to my husband who’s sitting next to me. Just kidding.

Living Room Work Space

Living Room Work Space-11

Living Room Work Space-2

Living Room Work Space-3

Living Room Work Space-4

Work Space

Living Room Work Space-9

Living Room Work Space-10


When my kids watch a movie on weekends, they watch in our kids room. When I want to be with my kids any time when they watch a movie or play in this room, I either bring my laptop or use our old laptop computers that we leave in this kids play room. It has missing key caps and a little messed-up touchpad, but it’s good enough to email, surfing internet and write a blog. I sometimes sit in one of the denim bean bags and work. In fact, that’s where I worked on part of this post late at night after my kids went to bed. Then I fell asleep while I was working. In the bean bag. I do that. Quite often. Don’t you?

Kids Room Work Space2

Kids Room Work Space-10

Kids Room Work Space-12

Kids Room Work Space-9


Lastly I also love to bring my computer and work in our master bedroom on my bed sometimes. It’s quiet and peaceful. When I need a calm relaxing time to filter my thoughts especially in the afternoon, I go there.

bedroom spruce up with IKEA fabric-13

Zara Kurta & Pants-21

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my work space.

I received one question from WeWork.

“What would you add to create the ultimate dream office environment?”

Well, if only one and I could say this, then I would add a well-calculated stylish design aspect. Functionality plays a big role as well, but I would put design on top of that. If you are in a work space where you feel happy, invigorated, inspired and excited, that must help work efficiency and satisfaction.

What would you add?

Monday Mode ☆ Gap Flower Print Pants, Zara Shirt & Forever 21 Necklace

October 12, 2014

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace_-10shirt: ZARA pants: GAP necklace: Forever 21

I have been into combining a pair of colorful pants with a white or gray shirt these days. I find it easier for me to put more colors on the bottom than on the top. I love white and gray shirts and it’s clear if you take a look at inside of my wardrobe…

Forgive me if the colors look too washed-off or strange to you. I’m still learning a lot about photography post processing and I experiment as I write and post on my blog. The wonderful world of Youtube is teaching me how to use the Lightroom functions to change the colors on my photos taken on my Canon Rebel T3i. I hope that one day I can take prettier and more professional looking photos.

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace_-3

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace_-5

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace_-8

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace_-7

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace_-12

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace_-14

As usual when I was shooting for this post on our balcony (I wish I could go outside and shoot, but with a tripod and timer and shooting fashion post photos myself, this is the best I can do), my son woke up from his nap. My helper helped him get out of the crib (I normally run to him, but I decided to keep on shooting). My son came running to me and started posing in front of the camera with and then go to the camera to look at his photo. It’s the most adorable thing. I remember I used to take photos with my middle daughter who was about the same age or slightly older than my son’s current age. We were still living in Jakarta at the time. Here and here are some examples.

When I look at the photos on my blog from the past especially the ones taken at the beginning of our time in Jakarta, they throw me right back into nostalgia. My middle child was home and I did a lot with her. They make me miss my time with her. It feels like my son is little forever sometimes, but I keep reminding myself that soon he will start school and I will miss him. I won’t be able to take photos with him like in this post once he starts his school. It won’t be for another few months, but I need to cherish every moment with him.

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace_-13

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace1

Gap flower print pants Zara shirt Forever 21 necklace_-17

Being a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have a big budget for my wardrobe. The cost of the three pieces of this outfit, flower print pants from GAP, the white shirt from ZARA and the mint green necklace from Forever 21 was US$50. I was able to purchase the pants and shirt on sale. The pants and necklace were purchased in the U.S. and the shirt was in Mumbai, India. There is no place like the U.S. for shopping.

The White Window Pop-up Shop ☆ Raya Jewels & Laila Motwane

October 9, 2014

Twinkle Khanna Laila Motwane Vijata Raya Jewels

The White Window by Twinkle Khanna held a Pop-up Shop at The White Window store in Bandra West hosting Raya Jewels by Vijeta R and Laila Motwane. What I like about pop-up shops is that the products and the creators are present together. Since I received an invitation to The White Window Pop-up Shop, I decided to check it out quickly. Going to pop-up shops in different countries to me is a cultural experience as well. I loved Brightspot Market in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was a huge pop-up shop or more like a pop-up market as the name suggests hosting many entrepreneur brands all at once in one place.

Twinkle Khanna1

The White Window is a shop owned and curated by Twinkle Khanna, an interior designer. For my readers who are not familiar with the Bollywood scenes (including myself, but I’m learning), Twinkle Khanna is also a Bollywood film actress and married to a well-known and popular Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. Twinkle Khanna’s is from a Bollywood family whose parents are Dimple Kapadia, a Bollywood actress, and the late Rajesh Khanna, who is very well-known as one of the most influential actors in India.

For this post, I hope that my photos will entertain you with the virtual tour of the Pop-up Shop at The White Window and the eye-candies of the Raya Jewels jewelry and the Laila Motwane’s Indian fashion.

The White Window Pop Up Shop

raya jewels2

The White Window Pop Up Shop1

raya jewels5

The White Window Pop Up Shop5

The White Window Pop Up Shop4

The White Window Pop Up Shop6

raya jewels16

Twinkle Khanna Raya Jewels Vijeta

laila motwane9

The White Window Pop Up Shop2

The White Window Pop Up Shop3

laila motwane4

The White Window lailamotwane raya jewels-27

The White Window lailamotwane raya jewels-28

The White Window lailamotwane raya jewels-29

The White Window lailamotwane raya jewels-32

The White Window lailamotwane raya jewels-35

The White Window lailamotwane raya jewels-31

Twinkle Khanna3

I hope you enjoyed the photos and had a taste of what it feels like to be at a pop-up shop at The White Window in Mumbai.

I have written a post about The White Window on my blog. Click here to view the post.

Laila Motwane

Raya Jewels

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Thai Cooking Class by Vandana ☆ Mumbai India

October 7, 2014

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-7

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-5

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-6

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-4

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-9

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-2

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-3

Vandana Thai Cooking Class2-4

In May I had a fabulous accidental opportunity to take Thai lessons twice thanks to my friend, Katie whom I met in Mumbai in 2013. Sadly for me, she left Mumbai in March 2014 to move to New Delhi. Then in May 2014, she moved back to the U.S. for her husband’s job. She’s a talented designer and you can see how talented she is on her work site here and her personal site here. I love her taste.

I’m one of those people who are lazy about taking classes. Katie invited me to join her to learn Thai cooking back in March 2014, but the classes took place in the morning and my son was little and stayed home (he’s still little and stays home), so I could not commit to it and passed the opportunity. Several weeks went by and suddenly she had to literary pack her home to move to New Delhi with a very short notice for her husband’s job. She emailed me after she moved to Delhi and said she had two classes left that she could not take as she had to move away and asked me if I wanted to take her spot in the class. I was shocked to hear that she had already moved away and I didn’t get to see her one more time before the move, but I was touched to know that she thought of me to take the classes. I was reluctant probably because it was outside of my comfort zone, yet I took it as a sign of my destiny to take the class, so I did. I am so glad I did and thank you, Katie!

I never thought that learning Thai cooking was so enlightening. I always thought that Thai cooking was so hard that there was no way I could cook Thai food well. I never even imagined that I would take a Thai cooking class from an Indian instructor, either. Vandana, a native of India, lived in Thailand as an expat with her family for 2 years for her husband’s work assignment. She loved Thai food. When she realized that she would leave Thailand at some point which means that she and her family would miss authentic Thai food, she thought she would have to make Thai food herself for her family. That way they can enjoy authentic Thai food wherever they go. So, she did. Her passion is shown in her work.

The dishes she made within 2 hours was amazing. I enjoyed every bite of the food she cooked. What was even more surprising and impressive to me who loves interior design was her home. I loved the marriage of Indian design and Thai decor. Vandana’s home looked like it popped out of a magazine. Since I took my camera with a 50 mm lens, the photos I was able to take were quite limited as I could not zoom out. However, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing her home.

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-11

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-22

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-21

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-12

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-14

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-15

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-16

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-19

Vandana Thai Cooking Class Mumbai5

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-24

Vandana Thai Cooking Class Mumbai1

Vandana Thai Cooking Class2-3

Vandana Thai Cooking Class2-5

Vandana Thai Cooking Class Mumbai2

Vandana Thai Cooking Class2-6

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-18

Here are the images of Vandana’s beautiful home and the final dishes that I published on my instagram.

Here is my attempt of my Thai cooking at home. Everyone loved it!

Vandana PhotoVandana’s photo on the left provided by courtesy of Vandana.

Vandana is truly inspiring. She totally changed my perspective on cooking classes. Not only am I more inspired to be adventurous with cooking at home, but I am eager to take more cooking classes (what?) and learn from the master chef! I have not contacted Vandana in a while, but she said she also offered other cuisines such as Indian cooking as well.

*I just learned that Vandana recently moved Dubai, United Arab Emirates!!! That is sad news for me and Mumbaikars. I was hoping to take some other classes taught by her. If you live in Dubai, I highly recommend taking her classes! If you are interested in taking classes from Vandana, please contact her at vandysingla[at]yahoo[dot]com (please replace at and dot).


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