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Truck Furniture

April 11, 2010

All the images on this post were extracted from Truck Furniture.

I check this Japanese blog quite frequently. She wrote about another blog called “sfgirlbybay” who featured Truck Furniture. So, I checked both. I love them. I didn’t know that Japanese designs have become more popular in some cities in the U.S. such as NY and San Francisco.

I enjoyed seeing the photographs of the furniture posted on the website. You can read about the furniture on fsgirlbybay’s blog.

Truck Furniture company relocated the store last December and at the new location the company also started a cafe adjacent to the store called Cafe Bird. Unfortunately, Truck’s web sites are mostly in Japanese. You can check out Cafe Bird’s photos here.

All the furniture at the cafe is from Truck Furniture and plates were made specifically for the cafe. You can see and feel the furniture you see at the store. The Cafe Bird serves its original bread, tea and dishes. The dishes on the menu were created by Kentaro, a famous Japanese cook, and Truck. I like his recipes and have one of his cook books! Reading the website made me want to go visit Truck Furniture in Osaka! I wish Truck Furniture had a store in Tokyo as well so that I could check it out when I visit my family there.

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