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Apartment Inspiration

April 29, 2010

Above is the photos of our friends’ nursery. I love the combination of simple and modern in this nursery. The mint green is refreshing for a baby boy’s room. Do you know that green has calming effect? I love the giraffe wall sticker. I’ve never seen one like that before. The furniture is absolutely adorable. I wish I researched more when we bought baby furniture during our first pregnancy.

This is the master bedroom. When we went to visit them in New York City, they kindly offered us to use their bed and we, the invaders, took. What kind of guests are we…? They slept in their baby’s nursery. I don’t have a photo of the sofa bed, but they have a cute sofa bed in their baby’s room. I felt horrible. Our friend says she can’t stand clutter. Me, too. Everything was in place and neatly organized. I feel like my place is filled with clutter compared to their apartment!

I love their entertainment center in the photo below. I wanted something like this for ourselves, but it was more expensive than what we ended up purchasing, plus for the storage purpose, we needed something much bigger just like ours. Maybe someday, when we have a bigger place, we can buy a white entertainment center!

I have to figure out how I can make my place look neat and organized. I believe that the key is to only own what you really love and need. We don’t own many things, but we have definitely accumulated a bunch of stuff in the past year and half we’ve been here. Living near Target and IKEA do that to you.

These are the night view they have. Breath taking. I will not get bored living there. I have to show you the view from our apartment window.

Seriously, I would love to go over to the office building that is facing our apartment building, go up to the offices on the same level as ours and facing our apartment and find out what those people working in those offices have been seeing.

The view during the day from our friend’s apartment in New York City. You can see Central Park from the window. I thought that you don’t need paintings in this apartment. The scenery provided by the window accessorizes your room. I know that if we lived in New York City, our standard of living would be different, but still I can’t help feeling that the life in New York City is dazzling.

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  1. April 30, 2010 7:40 am

    Wow! Just wow! I would LOVE an apartment like that. It is beautiful and I especially love their nursery. The green is perfect for a little boy, you are right.

    Since we are renting we could not paint Noah`s room BUT he does have some polka dot elephant stickers on his wall (they are fabric stickers so easy to remove!) and a bright red futon with polka dots and crazy animals! I look forward to the day that we buy a house or apartment so that I can decorate it any way I want.

  2. April 30, 2010 2:54 pm

    You place IS neat and organized!!!!
    Yeah, there are many many things I want to do IF we ever get a bigger place.

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