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Friday Afternoon

May 1, 2010

I usually have a play date on Friday afternoon, but it just happened that I didn’t have any plans, so I decided to take our car to a repair shop. I found our car’s left rear tire being low a couple of times in the past 3 weeks. During those weeks, we even drove up to New York City and back. We didn’t have any problems. No flat tire.

While we were waiting for our car to be inspected, I took the girls to a play ground in a shopping center called Clarendon Common. It’s a small play ground, but my kids loved playing there. My husband joined us later which made it even more fun.

The repair shop found a nail on our tire and fixed it. Our car has an air pressure lamp which will come on if the tire has low pressure. Do most cars have this? Thanks to this function, I was able to avoid a flat tire. I love Toyota.

Here’s a picture of our pretzel girl. She used to raise her both legs like this when she was sitting on a stroller at the age between 3 months and 12 months. My first child never did that.

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