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Clemyjontri Park ☆

May 8, 2010

This park is called Clemyjontri Park aka Clemy. My friends’ kids call it a rainbow Park. It is located in McLean, Virginia. This is a park built for children with and without disabilities and all the areas of the park is wheelchair-accessible. The size of the playground is said to be 10 times bigger than regular playgrounds in Fairfax County. It has four sections and they are centered around the carousel which opens during spring and summer time. It is a children’s wonderland.

How wonderful is it that children with and without disabilities can play side by side. The story behind is also very touching to me. Mrs. Adele Lebowitz, the widow of Mr. Lebowitz, the founder and owner of Morton’s Department Store in Washington, donated the land to the Fairfax County instead of selling the land to developers. The name of the park Clemyjontri is a meld of Mrs. Lebowitz’ four children; Carolyn (CL), Emily (EMY), John (Jon), and Petrina (Tri).

All my friends who have been there have only good things to say about the park. All the areas of the park is paved with rubber. It was an easy place to hang out when my younger child was just crawling and then just started walking. The challenging thing about this park is if you go there with two or more children, it is very difficult to keep track of them. They could run to the other side of the park from where you are and you would not see them. Another thing to note is that since the park is not well shaded and the ground is padded with rubber, once the sun starts beaming in the summer, it can get quite hot. Make sure you bring enough water, sunscreen and hat for yourself and your children!!

For more stories and information regarding this park, click here and here.

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  1. evi permalink
    May 10, 2010 5:33 am

    beautiful photos. i like your blog. regards from austria.

    • May 10, 2010 6:01 am

      Thanks for your comment!! I was excited to see that I have a reader in Australia!

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