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Indian Design Inspired Interior Decor

February 25, 2014

Indian Inspired Interior Design-26

I believe that we all are influenced and inspired by what surrounds us and what we see on a daily basis. I love seeing how expats in different countries incorporate the local design pieces and items into their home overseas.

Today I would like to show how Indian design pieces and items are used to decorate a home by my friend with an European eye and how she created the modern look with them. I hope you find it inspiring and refreshing.



Indian Inspired Interior Design-34

Indian Inspired Interior Design-7

Indian Inspired Interior Design-25

Indian Inspired Interior Design-18

Indian Inspired Interior Design-36

Indian Inspired Interior Design5

Indian Inspired Interior Design-15

Indian Inspired Interior Design-11

Indian Inspired Interior Design-31

Indian Inspired Interior Design-12

Indian Inspired Interior Design-27

Indian Inspired Interior Design7

Indian Inspired Interior Design-13

Indian Inspired Interior Design-35

Indian Inspired Interior Design-30

Indian Inspired Interior Design-14

Indian Inspired Interior Design-16

Indian Inspired Interior Design-29

Indian Inspired Interior Design3

Indian Inspired Interior Design2

Indian Inspired Interior Design1

Indian Inspired Interior Design

In Other Rooms

Indian Inspired Interior Design6

Indian Inspired Interior Design-39

Inspired By

Indian Inspired Interior Design8

Thank you, Caron, for opening up your home!

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16 Comments leave one →
  1. Katherine Berry permalink
    February 26, 2014 12:46 am

    Caron has a beautiful apartment and I love her style too! Nice to see the Singer back in its spot!

    • February 26, 2014 6:35 am

      Thank you, Katherine, for leaving me a comment!!

  2. February 26, 2014 9:44 am

    your appartment?

    • February 26, 2014 1:19 pm

      No, it’s my friend’s. :) My living room is this. With a quick spruce-up project, it looks like this most recently.

    • February 26, 2014 1:43 pm

      This women is genius. Yours look more classic :)

    • February 27, 2014 10:41 am

      She’s got a great eye for sure! My apartment is furnished if you didn’t pick up on that part. :)

    • February 27, 2014 10:42 am

      I saw this)) I checked all the photos)) hehe

    • February 27, 2014 11:40 am

      Thanks! Most of the furniture which you probably referred to as classic does not belong to us. The only few pieces we brought are the industrial style furniture.

  3. February 26, 2014 10:06 am

    What a really nice house. Love it!

    • February 26, 2014 1:18 pm

      Thanks! My friend will love to hear that!

  4. February 27, 2014 12:21 am

    Wow! What a beautiful house, good job Carol! I love that singer table ;)

  5. Tracey permalink
    March 3, 2014 8:37 am

    Wow, gorgeous house! :) I just discovered your blog, and I love the images and the recommendations. I’m moving to Jakarta soon with my hubby and two kids aged 4 and 6, so I’m sure the information will be helpful when I move. Out of curiosity, where did your kids go to school in Jakarta, and where did you choose to live when you were there? I look forward to seeing more on your blog and passing your blog onto my friends who happen to be moving to Mumbai in October. Cheers :)

    • March 4, 2014 12:15 pm

      Tracey, thanks for your comment! I hope you will find my recommendations helpful after you move there!! My housing was actually assigned, so we didn’t pick it, but i loved where we lived.

  6. March 4, 2014 7:23 am

    I love your friend’s taste and the way she uses color. (I’m very bad at that…) Totally inspired ;) Thanks for the beautiful post, Kaho!

    • March 4, 2014 12:26 pm

      Awww, thank you! I’m very bad at using colors, too. It’s a shame that even though I live in a colorful country, I am still attracted to neutral colors!!


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