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Monday Mode ☆ AND India Tie-Dye Dress & My Complex

April 13, 2014

AND tie-dye dress-2

AND tie-dye dress

AND tie-dye dress-5

I don’t often wear a short length dress. Women in India dress very conservatively. Even in Mumbai, the most cosmopolitan city in India, you don’t often see women in a dress that is shorter than knee length, let alone shorts. It’s not the only reason why I don’t wear a short dress. I don’t think I look good in it. My short muscular legs have always been my complex. Even when I lose weight, I always lose weight above my waist, but not on my legs.

Growing up in Japan, I was one of the tallest kids in the entire class. I was taller than the tallest boy in the class until I went to the middle school. My height used to make me feel very self-conscious. In Japan, up to the 6th grade in an elementary school, children pay a half of an adult fair to use public transportation. I was in the 6th grade when the bus driver stopped me for paying children’s fair and I had to explain that I was still in an elementary school. I looked too tall for it. Now I wish I grew taller. Funny how your perspective can change in time.

I look at younger girls in 20′s and think how great they look. They look great with any outfit in my opinion. I’m 38, turning 39 soon. As I approach 40, I want to live a life appreciating what I have in every moment and not take it granted. I saw this tie-dye looking AND by Anita Dongre dress and liked it very much. I want to overcome my complex. At some point, I won’t wear short dresses. I don’t want to regret in the future that I didn’t wear what I liked because of my complex.

Life is too short to not enjoy it.





AND tie-dye dress-10

AND tie-dye dress-11

AND tie-dye dress-13

AND tie-dye dress-14

AND tie dye dress

The Yoga House ☆ Yoga Studio & Healthy Cafe in Bandra West, Mumbai

April 10, 2014

The Yoga House-9

Humans are creatures of habit, aren’t they? Do you have a place where you tend to go more often than others because you feel at peace? When I lived in Jakarta, KOI Kemang was that place for me. Now in Mumbai, it looks like The Yoga House has become that place for me. Every time I move to a new city, I seek out places for comfort and having that type of place makes me feel at home.

When you live overseas, especially in a big city like Mumbai, having a place where you can relax and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle helps you find your balance and sanity. The Yoga House is not just for the yogis. Anyone can go relax and enjoy their healthy and tasty macrobiotic food and drinks.

人間は惰性で行動する生き物ですね。なんとなく行ってしまう場所ってありますか?ジャカルタ在住の時は、KOI Kemangがそういう場所でした。ムンバイに住む今、ヨガハウスがそのような場所になっている感じがします。新しい街に行く度に、くつろげる場所をどうしても探してしまいます。


The Yoga House-19

The Yoga House2

The Yoga House-005

The Yoga House-3

The Yoga House-10

The Yoga House1

After you finish your tea or meal, how about checking out their shop? The jewelry by my favorite jewelry shop, iSanctuary from Mumbai, is available at The Yoga House. It is displayed on the 2nd level (3rd floor in the American sense) on the wall opposite to the white stool in the left photo above.


iSanctuary at The Yoga House 2

iSanctuary at The Yoga House

The Yoga House-13


Nargis Villa, Sherly Rajan Road
Bandra West
*Near Bagel Shop
HOURS: Mon-Sun 8:00am – 10:00pm
PHONE: +91 22 6554 5001

The Yoga House Map

The Yoga House-2

The Yoga House-20

The Yoga House

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Chalkboard March 2014

April 9, 2014

Chalkboard March 2014-5

It’s so easy to assume that those people who have the best of everything are happy. Even for those who we think should be happy can be unhappy. You can find people who don’t have much or have so little and are still happy. Happiness is all in our heart. I find it important to see the positive side on everything we have and appreciate it. This has always been in my conscious efforts. It is how I keep myself happy when I face challenges and tough times. Just like saying “a cup is half full” as opposed to “a cup is half empty”, a matter of perspective changes what defines happiness in our lives.

Chalkboard March 2014-3

The quote design was copied from society6.

I have been sick in the past few days. I had a horrible headache, but I have been able to manage to get around to do things during the day and I was knocked out at night. When you become a mom, it is hard to stop and rest just like any other jobs unless you are super sick. I feel that I have to keep going.

I took photos of my board last night because I realized that the photos of the chalkboard I had taken before had something I needed to fix! You can imagine how I felt… While I was not feeling well (started to feel a bit better after having rested for a couple of hours), I grabbed my camera and a chalk, erased a little part and made a change and then took some photos of the chalkboard again. I must be haunted by this blogging thing. I looked at the photos and I didn’t like the yellow look, so I also took photos again this morning. You can see the differences in light.

I hope some people enjoy seeing the current quote we have on our board. I’m thinking what’s next?

Chalkboard March 2014

Chalkboard March 2014

Chalkboard March 2014-4

Friday Finds ☆ The Baker’s Dozen in Mumbai, India

April 4, 2014

The Baker's Dozen-18

I apologize for the tardy Friday Finds! When my life needs to be prioritized, blogging, my hobby, has to be secondary and that often happens.

I would like to introduce you to my favorite baker in Mumbai. I’m a big fan of Challah bread and the Baker’s Dozen makes great Challah bread! I first learned about The Baker’s Dozen through, an online grocery website in India. I ordered some Challah bread made by The Baker’s Dozen sold on Foodesto and I was very pleased with it. I liked every bread I tried from The Baker’s Dozen. I would love for them to make real New York style bagels as well if they are open to any requests! When Foodesto delivered my order, the Baker’s Dozen bread came in an adorable white paper bag with lovely typography (shown below). I love stores that put values on its style and design. Needless to say, I already fell in love with The Baker’s Dozen.



The Baker's Dozen

The Baker's Dozen1

The Baker's Dozen-13

The Baker's Dozen4

The Baker's Dozen3

The Baker's Dozen2

I purchased banana walnut bread and Challah bread this time. They were delicious!


The Baker's Dozen-19

The Baker's Dozen-20

The Baker's Dozen8

The Baker’s Dozen
4, 13/B, Pali Road, Shakti Raj CHS
Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai
PHONE: 022 26451313
*Next to Gold’s Gym

9, Jayant Apartment, Opposite Mercedes-Benz Showroom,, Near Century Bazaar, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025, India
PHONE:+91 99 20 101313
HOURS: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm


The Baker's Dozen-21

Yahoo! India Feature My Home ☆ Video on Beautiful Homes by Yahoo! India Lifestyle

March 31, 2014

Yahoo India Beautiful Home

If you click the photo above, you can open the video page on Yahoo! India.

I had a grand opportunity to work with fabulous Yahoo! India and FoxyMoron, a digital agency, for Yahoo! India’s interior design page called Beautiful Homes under Lifestyle.

How I came under Yahoo! India’s radar? I don’t know. I was quite honored to be asked and featured in the Beautiful Homes which is sponsored by Asian Paints.

Working with both talented Yahoo! India and FoxyMoron was such a joy and wonderful experience for me. Everyone whom I interacted with was in their early 20′s! They looked so young, but they were professional and their talent blew my mind.

I was given an opportunity to narrate the video. I am afraid that my amateur narration did not do justice to the beautiful videography done by FoxyMoron. I tried to enunciate each word and ended up sounding like… a terrible narrator with a Japanese accent or whatever accent it sounds like! Anyways, I am kneeling down on the ground to pay respect to FoxyMoron for their great visual work on the video.

Other bloggers who were featured on Beautiful Home on Yahoo! India are Esha Gupta of Design Pataki, Sahana Singh of Home is where the art is, and Aarohi of Art By Aarohi. They are all established well-known bloggers in India. I am humbled that Yahoo! India picked me to be grouped with all these beautiful and talented bloggers.

Thank you, Yahoo! India, FoxyMoron, and Asian Paints for this wonderful opportunity and featuring my home! It already became one of my best memories in my current home, Mumbai, India and it will be a great keepsake from India in the future!

To view the video, click the photo above or here.
Thank you!!

先月、Yahoo! Indiaさんとインドのデジタル・エージェンシーであるFoxyMoronさんと一緒にプロジェクトをする機会を与えて頂きました。Yahoo! Indiaが私のブログを見つけ、同サイトのLifestyleの中のBeautiful Homesというセクションの自宅紹介の中に入れて下さいました。ビューティフルホームズは、Asian Paintsというペンキのブランドがスポンサーしています。どうやってYahoo! Indiaさん目に留まったのかは分かりませんが、非常に光栄でした!



ヤフーインディアさんのライフスタイルのビューティフルホームで紹介されている他のブロガーのご自宅は、Design Patakiのエシャ・グプタさん, Home is where the art isのサハナ・シンさん、そしてArt By Aarohiのアロヒさんです。是非ご覧になって見て下さい。



Monday Mode ☆ AND Gray Dress

March 31, 2014

AND gray dress

I walked into AND India store one day not realizing that was the store my friend recommended and I totally fell in love with the brand!

I took photos of the dress and posted on my instagram because I wasn’t sure. I knew I liked it, but it was more than I normally spend on a dress. It wasn’t expensive. I’m frugal. Then I received responses, which made it easier for me to make a decision. Thank you!

AND Indiaは、友人が良いと教えてくれていたブランドだったのですが、ある日そうとは気づかずに入り、すぐに好きになりました。


chuzai living instagram

AND gray dress-2

AND gray dress

AND gray dress3

AND gray dress2

AND gray dress-6

AND gray dress-10

I love this AND gray dress especially because of the design on the back which is not commonly seen. I also like the high waist which allows my body to look better proportioned and balanced. It is a long dress, so it suits well in India.

I have one more dress I bought from AND. That is for another day!

このAND Indiaのグレーのドレスは、あまり見ない背中のデザインが気に入りました。ハイウェイストなので、全身のバランスを良く見せてくれるところも嬉しいです。また、ロングドレスなので、インドで着るには合っているかなと思いました。




Some Locations in Mumbai

Bajaj Niwas, Linking Road,
Mumbai – 400 052.
Tel: 022 6526 0711

Level 1, Skyzone Extn,
High Street Phoenix,
Lower Parel.
Tel: 022 6523 1234

Upper Ground Floor
Phoenix Market City Kurla,
L.B.S Marg, Kurla(W)
Tel: 022 61801233

For More locations in Mumbai, click here. There are many other locations all over India. They also ship to outside of India as well according to the store keeper.

Friday Finds ☆ Jamu Spa in Cipete, Jakarta

March 27, 2014

Jamu Spa Jakarta

Jamu Spa Jakarta-2

Jamu Spa Jakarta1

    Jamu is traditional medicine in Indonesia mainly made from natural materials. It became popular during the Hindu Javanese period and is claimed to have originated in the Mataram Kingdom, a Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that was based in Central Java and later in East Java. Jamu is said to be influenced by Ayurveda.

    Having lived in India and learned a bit about Ayurveda, it is very interesting to know that India and Indonesia, the two countries I have lived back to back have such interesting historical ties.

I dedicate this post to those who are in Jakarta, Indonesia. Even though I have left Jakarta 10 months ago, the biggest readership till today is in Indonesia. This is my humble way to say thank you to them. At the same time, Jamu is definitely blog worthy. Even though I learned about Jamu during my second year of our three-year stay in Jakarta, I did not visit Jamu until the last month of our stay. It is such a shame. The good thing is that I’ve got to visit twice! I am eternally thankful to my Japanese friend, Kaori, who gave me the two opportunities to visit Jamu. Thank you, Kaori!! If you are an expat in Indonesia, I hope you take advantage of the wonderful spas available in Indonesia. Spas in Indonesia are something else. I don’t think I truly appreciated the spas in Indonesia until I left.


Jamu is a wonderful place for the purpose of getting pampered in a true meaning with all natural materials as the name Jamu suggests. The cream bath at Jamu is probably the best among all the places I tried cream bath. Cream bath is a hair and massage treatment where the massage starts from the head and continues to the neck, shoulders and arms. It is divine and very relaxing. If you ever visit Indonesia, I highly recommend trying out a cream bath.

Jamu Spa Jakarta6

Other Recommended Spas in Jakarta
That Are Popular Among Expats

I have posted two other spas in Jakarta in the past. Now with Jamu, I recommend all three of them for different reasons and they are very popular among the expats I know in Jakarta. I love Puri Santi for the combination of the service, ambiance and reasonable pricing. It is a great place to bring your out-of-town guests. I loved going to A Mi Casa in Kemang for getting a pedicure by myself for a quick pampering and it is the cheapest among three which is the reason why I went there for regular pedicure every time my feet felt like rocks.

Jamu Spa Jakarta5

Jamu Spa Jakarta2

Jamu Spa Jakarta3

Jamu Spa Jakarta4

Jamu Spa Jakarta-13

Jamu Spa Jakarta-14

Jamu Spa Jakarta-12

At the first visit, I had a cream bath and at the second visit, I had a massage treatment. Both were absolutely fantastic.

To read more about Jamu Concept, please click here.

at Cipete, South Jakarta, Indonesia
Jl. Cipete VIII/94B Cipete,
South Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel : 021-765 9691
Fax: 021-765 9693



There is another spa that I went with my great friend, Anita. She was so sweet to treat me to the spa and I absolutely loved their massage. I might say that their massage was one of the most relaxing. I would love to write about it, but I cannot find the photos or remember the name of the spa! One of many things that is tough about moving is losing information in the hectic transition. If I can find the information and photos, I hope to post them here. In the process of looking for the photos of the spa, I saw many photos of several places in Jakarta that I would love to share with you here especially for my readers in Indonesia and potential expats or visitors to Jakarta. Let’s hope that I will be organized enough to get my act together!


Want to know what other people thought of Jamu?

I posted about Jamu on my Facebook and I received very positive responses. I wanted to embed the post, but it’s not working well. Please click to see my Facebook page post and the comments. Thank you!


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